Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website

Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website

Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website

We're Here to Listen, Evaluate And Elevate You To Be The Best You Ever. My Goal Is To Help You Make You A  Better Version Of 

Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website

Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website

Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website Welcome to Dr. Lenny Moore Website

We're Here to Listen, Evaluate And Elevate You To Be The Best You Ever. My Goal Is To Help You Make You A  Better Version Of 

Dr. Lenny Moore Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP


Top 5 Rated Clinical Hypnotherapist In The United States


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Dr. Lenny Moore is a MASTER HYPNOTIST, NLP and Ph.D in Psychology and Psychotherapy specializing in Behavior Health. He has devoted the past 26 years of his life and career studying and researching the human brain and Mental Health Issues. 

By day he travels extensively around the country conducting hypnotherapy sessions with his clients. Dr. Moore has cured or helped thousands of clients overcome drug and alcohol addictions, quit smoking, lose weight, depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, schizophrenia, paranoia, bad habits, improvement in confidence, improve self-esteem and rid them of many other mental disorders. Lenny’s client list include members of the NFL, NBA, College Athletes, Professional Golfers, Hip Hop and R & B Artists, Movie Stars and many other celebrities to normal everyday working people in need of his services.

Lenny was born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama where he graduated high school and left to attend the University of Miami and play football for the UM Hurricanes where he starred and graduated with honors. By night Lenny Moore is an Award-winning Comedy Stage Master Hypnotist who combines his comedy and improvisational skills to create one of the most unique, interactive and funniest comedy-hypnosis shows in the world.

The Lenny Moore Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show delivers interactive, improvisational and sidesplitting comedy while simultaneously unlocking the unique mysteries of the human mind. It’s a musical, fast-paced romp through volunteers’ subconscious creative genius that keeps audiences on the edges of their seats. Akin to releasing the hidden talents of a dozen comedians onstage with Master Hypnotist Lenny Moore as the ringleader, each performance is kept clean and wholly unique, except for his Grown Folks Comedy Gone Wild Shows for Adults over 21. The Adult show is totally off the hook and does have strong language and is of a sexual tonality. Lenny Moore’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is part stand-up comedy, part improvisation, part hypnosis and a little bit of America’s Got Talent mixed together. Audience members have the option to volunteer to come on stage to be the stars or sit back and watch the show from the audience. Dr. Moore's show is family friendly and always age appropriately customized to each audience. Shows range from Rated PG-13 from 12-17, Rated-R 18 years and over to Rated Adult Only over 21. No matter the show, you’re sure to have a great time. Lenny Moore is one of the very few hypnotism acts that are family-friendly; Lenny takes the positive aspects of hypnotic trances for a spin. In an industry dominated by embarrassing and shocking antics, the comedy brought out of our shared hopes and dreams is refreshing, honest and just plain funny. There are never any stooges or plants brought on stage and all volunteers are people that has never met or had any affiliation with Lenny at the time. Hypnosis Training and comedy club experience are evident, as well as his improvisational skills and his self-improvement hypnotic abilities. Everything comes together in a show that puts the audience on center stage, inhibitions gone, ready to perform like they never have before. Skeptics are encouraged to attend. Lenny’s favorite thing is to turn non-believers of hypnosis into his biggest fans. Lenny’s belief is that the smarter or more intelligent a person is the easier it is for them to be hypnotized because they the ability to focus and concentrate better than the average person. On the contrary there are very few people that cannot be hypnotized.” Out of every 1000 people I generally find 3 or 4 that have trouble being induced into a trance for one reason or another. These are the individuals that are usually not willing to follow my instructions, intoxicated or suffering from acute mental retardation”, say’s Lenny. Lenny Moore, who continues to perform his stand-up comedy hypnosis show on tour around the country and in different parts of the world, earned him The Audience Choice Entertainer’s Award for 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2016. The Lenny Moore Comedy Hypnosis Show has been featured on The Tom Joyner Show, Tom Joyner Cruise and Tom Joyner’s Family Reunion, Mike Epps Last Man Standing Comedy Tour, Open Vision Networks, Michael Baisden Radio Show, Video Mixx, VLAD TV, TMZ and numerous other TV and Radio Sports Talk Shows, performed on Military Bases both locally and overseas for the troops as well as Fortune 500 Companies. Lenny is also the preferred hypnotist of many NBA, NFL, MLB Players, Golfers, College Athletes, Actors, Celebrities, and Entertainers and Business Professionals. During each Comedy Stage Hypnotist show Lenny brings up volunteers on stage and zaps them into a trance and have them performing hilarious skits, routines and impersonations.  Lenny Moore is currently on The Mike Epps Comedy After Dark Tour opening for Super Comedian/Film Star Mike Epps. Coming to a city n   Lenny Moore is one of the most sought after motivational speakers for Fortune 500 companies, conventions and award shows.  Lenny Moore also teaches hypnosis to Dentists and Doctors to use on the many patients they encounter that are allergic to or cannot be given Novocain or anesthesia. Lenny is also a member of 83′ UM Canes NCAA Nat’l Champions Football team, the team that started the famed University of Miami Football dynasty in the early 80’s. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Personal hypnotherapist to a Who’s Who list of VIP’s, Celebrities and Professional Athletes.


Comedy Stage Shows Tour

At this time due to safety concerns, all of my appearances and performances are postponed until further notices. My next Confirmed performance will be at Big Wynn Superstars of Comedy in Centerville Georgia on May 16, 2020.

Clients Real Testimonials

Patricia Black - In June 2017 I lost my father who was very near and dear to me. So after I went through a series of tragic and traumatizing events including a divorce. It seemed as if my world was crashing down all around me. To top it all off I started gaining a lot of weight because I began using food as my comfort mechanism to cope with my anxiety, stress and depression.  Pretty soon I was 343 pounds suffering from obesity, high blood pressure  and borderline diabetic.  I had low energy, had tried and failed at all types of diets and found myself on taking a multitude of medications prescribed by my family doctor for my high blood pressure, anti depressants and several other pills daily. I was a total mess because each medication had side effects that caused me to have bad mood swings, emotional issues,nightmares, hot and cold flashes, anger issues and even suicidal thoughts. I found Dr. Lenny Moore through the internet and decided to give him a call and make an appointment. After just three sessions my stress, depression and anxiety levels were gone. I immediately transformed my thinking and dependency on food and began losing weight. My confidence, self esteem and motivation went through the roof. After 3 months I had lost over 50 pounds and was off nearly all of the prescribed medications. All of the side effects of the meds were gone and I was able to continue to lose weight without any cravings for sweets or other negative foods. I found myself addicted to exercising and working out on a daily basis and enjoying eating healthy. After 10 months I had lost 96 pounds, feeling and looking great with energy for days. My friends, family and coworkers couldn't believe my transformation. Before long I had referred over 20 people to Dr. Lenny Moore with each suffering from their own set of issues. Everyone of them are totally satisfied with the results they got from Dr. Moore's services. I highly recommend Dr. Lenny Moore for all of your mental health issues. 

Thomas Davis  - Seven years ago I was driving North on Interstate 95 in Boca Raton Florida heading home from work. Traffic was fairly heavy as usual during rush hour traffic. As I was driving I found myself in the middle lane of the interstate. All of a sudden I noticed that in front of me was a large cement mixer truck and on both sides of me were semi tractor trailer trucks. All of a sudden I noticed that both trucks on the sides of me began swirling close to me almost crushing my car like a sandwich. I couldn't speed up because of the cement mixer in front of me and now I couldn't slow down because another car carrier semitrailer truck was behind me.  I was completely boxed in with no where to go an no way out at the time. I felt completely helpless as I began to feel a grip of panic beginning to wash over me. After about a mile of driving the truck to my right switched lanes and provided me and opening so I quickly changed lanes and exited the interstate at the very next off ramp. I pulled into a Shell gas station to catch my breath and calm down. As I sat there for what seemed like an eternity trying to process what I had just experienced. After 45 minutes I summoned enough nerves to drive home.  I took all back roads because I didn't want to drive on the interstate. Over the next few days I found myself more and more reluctant to drive on the expressways for fear of the same situation happening again.  Pretty soon I found myself only able to drive on neighborhood streets to get to my destination no matter how far it was.  Over the next few months my fear progressed into a full blown Phobia known as Vehophobia - the fear of driving. By now I couldn't drive at night, I couldn't drive if it was raining, I couldn't drive more than a couple of miles from my home so I had to find a place close to my job. My wife had to drive us everywhere we went after dark, to dinner, to the movies, to visit family and friends. I totally lost my independence. I tried visiting all types of psychiatrists and getting counseling but nothing seemed to work. One day coworker told me about Dr. Lenny Moore and how he had helped him get over his fears of Flying and Claustrophobia. I set up an appointment and meet with Dr. Moore.  After the very first Hypnotherapy session I was able to overcome many of my fears and anxiety about driving.  Dr. Moore was so confident that I could drive that he took me on a drive around the city making me drive to entire way. My wife was shocked that I was so comfortable driving again after only one session. Over the next week I had two more sessions with Dr. Moore and after the third Hypnotherapy session I was completely cured of my Phobia. I regained my independence and enjoy driving once again. No matter if it's on local neighborhood roads or busy expressways or interstate. I'm also comfortable driving at night, in the rain, snow or any type of weather. I've driven back an forth to Chicago, Atlanta and Houston without any worries. I am living testimony that Dr. Lenny Moore is the real deal and his treatments work.  I highly recommend his services. 

Promo Deals

Due to the uncertainty of the state of America in regards to the Novel Coronavirus, people all across The Country are experiencing higher levels of anxiety, stress, hypertension, depression, panic attacks and paranoia. Dr. Lenny Moore is discounting his rates to try and accommodate as many people as he can in these trying times. 

Promo Code: Corono

Promo Rate $275.00 per 90 Minutes Session. 

Extended Hours of Service

I have extended my hours of Clinical Hypnotherapy Treatment to try an accommodate as many people as possible in these difficult and stressful times. My hours will be extended from 10 am until 7 pm Monday thru Saturday. 

What Are The Facts About Hypnotherapy


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a treatment intervention that involves inducing the client into a relaxed, suggestible state and then offering post-hypnotic suggestions for relief of symptoms. It uses the hypnotic trance—the simple shifting back and forth between the conscious and subconscious mind, a natural process that occurs every day—in order to create this relaxed, suggestible state.

What is the hypnotic trance?

Many people think of hypnosis as inducing sleep. That’s actually not the case. Hypnosis (and hypnotherapy) induce the “trance state.” It is actually a natural state of mind that many of us encounter in everyday life on a regular basis. If you’ve ever been engrossed in a book, movie, or performance, then you have likely experienced the trance state.

The only thing that distinguishes a naturally occurring trance state from the hypnotic trance state is that hypnotherapists induce the latter and are able to control the trance state to create understanding and healing.

How is the hypnotic trance induced?

Therapists use different types of hypnotic induction to get people into a trance state. The most well known and effective techniques to induce trance state is eye fixation, asking clients to stare at a spot on the ceiling or an object, or their thumb as it moves slowly backward and forward.

Most of these well established tools rely on creating deep relaxation.

How is the hypnotic trance used in hypnotherapy?

The hypnotic trance state creates a deep sense of relaxation and allows the client to let go. During this process, the hypnotherapist is able to uncover subconscious motivations, access repressed memories, perform regression therapy, and/or use the power of suggestion to “re-map” the mind’s responses to stimuli.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the practice of psychotherapy with a client who is in the hypnotic altered state of consciousness. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to access the source of distress, like depression and anxiety, and for people to reconnect with dissociated emotions and disowned parts of themselves. Hypnotherapy helps therapists and client get closer to the source of a client’s issues by opening the doorway to their subconscious mind.

What is Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy?

Its a highly effective treatment model that addresses body, mind, and spirit called Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy leads clients down their own profoundly exciting road to self-discovery.

To learn more about Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.

What are the differences between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

While hypnosis and hypnotherapy are in the same “family,” they are very different from each other. The core difference is that hypnotherapy is an internationally-recognized therapy technique for treating mental and psychosomatic issues. It uses hypnosis to break through to the subconscious to better understand the foundation of the issues a client is facing.

How long has hypnosis been practiced?

Hypnosis is one of the world's oldest sciences. Amazingly, ancient hieroglyphics show that the Egyptians were using hypnosis as early as 3,000 B.C. There is evidence the Greeks and the Mayans understood it and used it as well. Like other sciences, hypnotism has had its experimenters, its pioneers, its lucky guessers, and its experts.

While hypnosis has had a place in society for thousands of years, it has also carved out a place as a legitimate modern medical practice, where it is called hypnotherapy. As early as 1892, the British Medical Association verified the efficacy of hypnotherapy.

Does hypnotherapy work?

Yes, hypnotherapy works. Professional organizations have consistently reported on the value of hypnotherapy. The British Medical Association has been formally studying and verifying it since 1892.

In the 1950s, both the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association confirmed the efficacy of hypnotherapy as official policy. They claimed: “For the past hundred years there has been an abundance of evidence that psychological and physiological changes could be produced by hypnotism which were worth study on their own account, and also that such changes might be of great service in the treatment of patients.”

In 2001, the British Psychological Society reported that: “Enough studies have now accumulated to suggest that the inclusion of hypnotic procedures may be beneficial in the management and treatment of a wide range of conditions and problems encountered in the practice of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy.”

In addition, the members of our own graduate community report incredible benefits for their clients and themselves.

How does hypnotherapy work?

When therapists treat their patients with traditional methods, they spend much of their time simply trying to get past mental blockages to understand the subconscious reasons for their patients’ issues. However, hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic trance as a method for accessing the subconscious. Accessing the subconscious allows therapists to better understand the core reasons that someone’s issues may be manifesting.

Think of the therapist as an archaeologist. Using traditional talk therapy, therapists must slowly remove the crust with toothbrushes, finally reaching the skeletons below after much painstaking work. Hypnotherapy allows you to tunnel directly down to the subconscious.

What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has repeatedly and consistently helped patients with anxiety, depression, PTSD, obesity, addictions, or countless other issues heal faster. When combined with methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), valuable healing work can begin as quickly as one or two sessions.

How is hypnotherapy different from traditional methods?

The core difference between hypnotherapy and other methods is depth and speed. Using hypnotherapy techniques like relaxation, guided imagery, and the trance state, therapists are able to access the subconscious more quickly than traditional methods. Traditional methods may take weeks, months, or years to uncover the subconscious reasons behind issues that are manifesting in clients. With hypnotherapy, these reasons can be found in as little as one session.  

Read our article for more examples of the speed and depth of hypnotherapy.

Does a hypnotized person lose control?

No.  Hypnosis is nothing but a state of relaxed deep focus. A hypnotized person always has control and can always hear what's going on. It is a natural state that you enter at least twice a day (while waking up and while falling asleep!) and probably much more often than that.

While undergoing hypnotherapy, clients have the ability to communicate with their therapist and express any requests they may have. Experienced hypnotherapists are constantly verifying the comfort level of those in the trance.

What can be treated with hypnotherapy?

The exciting thing about hypnotherapy is that it has and can be used to treat a wide variety of human illnesses, diseases, addictions, diagnoses, and complaints. We can think of more than 150 issues off the top of our heads, ranging from depression and PTSD to migraines and smoking. We have written extensively about the issues that can be treated with hypnotherapy. Read all of our articles that discuss how hypnotherapy helps treat specific issues.

Here are a Few Issues Hypnotherapy Is Successful At Treating:


MPD (Multi Personality Disorders)



Performance anxiety


All Fears & Phobias 

Improve Confidence 

Self Esteem 

Self Discipline 

Improve Memory 

Cure Stuttering 


Changing Bad Habits 


Control ravings 

Relationship Enhancement 






Weight problems

Anxiety and stress




Sleep Disorders 

Gambling Addictions

Reaching Goals 

Post Surgical Recovery 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

Overly Critical 

Attitude Adjustment 

Thumb Sucking 

Improve Focus & Concentration 


Lack of Ambition 


Inferiority Complex 

Problem Solving 

Passive Aggressive 

Exam Anxiety 





Erectile Dysfunction 

Rejection  & Many Other Issues 

Why does hypnotherapy work so well?

The subconscious mind is where we store everything that has ever happened in our lives. Therefore, it is much more efficient to do therapy while in the subconscious state, using hypnotherapy to access these moments in our lives that have impacted us. This results in greater awareness around one’s issues. With this awareness comes the ability to recognize the cause of behaviours that one desires to change.

Have any major psychologists contributed to the field of hypnotherapy?

Our particular modality of hypnotherapy, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, is built on the findings of psychotherapists over the last century. Their findings form the core of our approach to hypnotherapy.

Below are the list of primary psychoanalysts and what we have incorporated into our program:

The psychosocial stages of ego development (Erikson, Mahler, Vaillant).

The psychobiology of state-dependent “body memories” (Rossi, Cheek, Lowen).

The development of ego states (Hartmann, Assigioli, Berne, Kohut, Watkins).

The incorporation of Gestalt techniques (Fritz Perls).

The intrapsychic interaction of complexes, shadow and persona (

The influences of pre - and perinatal imprinted trauma (Geff, Janov, Emerson).

The imperative for “ego strengthening” and “ego surrender” (Fromm, Welwood).

The neuropsychology of trauma and PTSD (Schore, Van der Kolk, Porges).

The transpersonal realms of experience (Jung, Maslow, Assigioli, Grof, Goleman).

The wisdom of the body (Levine, Van )

Who We Are

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice

Dr. Lenny Moore has dedicated the past 26 years of his career studying and researching the human brain and finding cures for Mental Health Issues. Our experience enables us to offer effective outpatient, individualized, psychological care. We treat a number of mental health disorders, and provide a neutral ground to individuals, families, and couples. 

Our Treatment Focus

Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customizing a treatment plan. 

Our Patient Promise

We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

Our Therapy

Depression & Anxiety

Depression, fear, stress, paranoia and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover, gain confidence, improve self esteem, motivation, perspective, and restore the joy that you once had in your life. 

Trauma & PTSD

Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 



Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are held with both couples and is a supportive place to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen your relationship.     


Regain Control

Improve Confidence, Self Esteem, Motivation, Memory Enhancement, Sports Performance Enhancement, Self Control, Self Discipline and Many Others Mental Health Improvements. 


Eliminate All Fears, Phobias & Procrastination

All fears eliminated, Fear of Flying, Driving, Spiders, Dogs, Insects, Fear of Water, Abandonment, Heights, Bridges, Public Speaking, Claustrophobia, Panic Attacks, Insecurities, Weight Loss, Hypertension, Insomnia, Addictions, Quitting Smoking, Stage Fright, and Many Others. 

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